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Traditional tombstone manufacturers
Traditional tombstone manufacturers
Traditional tombstone manufacturers

traditional tombstoneAccording to the overall structure, it consists of the following components:

1. Monument board: Monument board is the core component and indispensable. Information about the deceased is displayed on the tablet board in the form of inscriptions.

2. Tombstone top: The top of the tombstone will not appear in all tombstone models. Like most artistic tombstones, there is no top. Traditional tombstones generally appear in the style of tile covers or other tops. Different beliefs, the style of the top of the monument will be relatively different.

3. Monument pillars: Monument pillars generally refer to the pillars on the two sides of the monument board. Of course, some tombstones with more complex styles will have multiple pairs of monument pillars. Similarly, this part does not exist on most art monuments.

4. Railing: As the name suggests, the railing is the railings on the two sides of the back of the tombstone, and the general carving forms are mostly line carvings and reliefs.

5. Cover plate: As a shield for the upper acupoints of the urn, the cover plate can be configured with one or more pieces according to the single hole and the double hole.

6. Hoarding: The hoarding refers to the specification board placed vertically at the bottom of the tombstone to support the overall tombstone structure.

7. Other supporting parts: such as balustrade columns, generally spherical columns, lion columns, etc.; drums, semi-circular stone carvings generally placed at the front of the balustrades; floors, steps, railings and handrails, etc.

It can be seen that a set of tombstones is really not as simple as it looks. The production and processing of tombstones is a very systematic work, and we need the sincere cooperation of each assembly line to make products that satisfy customers!