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Hubei traditional tombstone
Hubei traditional tombstone
Hubei traditional tombstone

After a person dies, if a tomb is to be erected, most of them must have a tombstone inscription. The tombstone is generally engraved with the deceased's name, place of origin, achievements, date of death, and the name of the person who erected the monument and the relationship with the deceased. Writing the inscription should be filled with the deceased. Respect and affection.

with the change of time,tombstoneFrom practical goods to cultural works of art, its functions, shapes, textures and ornaments have become more and more diverse. Celebrity tombstones pay more attention to the use of granite, marble and other high-quality stones for the body of the tombstone. The tombstone has become a "honor" and decoration to record the family lineage and merits of the deceased. This is in line with the Chinese people's social customs of honoring their ancestors, their ancestors, and their descendants. Due to natural erosion and man-made damage such as sun exposure, the tablet was erected outside the tomb, and the epitaph and inscription were buried in the tomb.

The selected stone is mainly pure black, dark red, gray, white and other colors. The stone is hard, pure in texture, and sophisticated in processing technology. The finished product has the same color tone, no cracks, scars, and color lines. The European tombstones are mainly rectangular, and the surface needs to be ground and polished. Polished, the front needs to be engraved.