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black granite
black granite

Granite has become more and more popular natural stone due to its unique graniteIt is more popular because of its superior dirt resistance, acid resistance, abrasion resistance, compression resistance, insulation properties and mysterious and elegant appearance. Today, black granite is a natural stone used in some prestigious projects.

Basalt is one of the important rock types in black granite. The color is mostly black or gray-black, fine-grained and dense. Its compressive strength is about 3500-5000kg\/cm2, and it has strong acid resistance, abrasion resistance and compression resistance. , Insulation performance. Basalt is widely distributed in my country, and it is produced in almost every geological age. Well-known brands such as Fuding Black. Fujian Fuding Basalt Ore is a rare high-quality black granite basalt mine in the country, and natural stone processing enterprises 500 Yujia, with an annual mining capacity of nearly 100,000 m3. Orderly development and comprehensive utilization are the main directions of its sustainable development. Other natural stone varieties such as Mongolian black, etc. In addition, Yunnan and Heilongjiang's basalt stone mining is also under development.

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