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Magic Rainbow Tombstone
Magic Rainbow Tombstone

Magic Rainbowrussian tombstoneThe product material has high density, strong hardness, small water absorption, small color difference, acid and alkali resistance, weathering resistance, luminosity up to 90 degrees, stable product properties, suitable for external strong dry hanging, interior decoration or large-scale laying in municipal garden squares.

The domestic Symphony Red, like the Indian Symphony Red, mainly has a black textured structure on a red background. It is not very stable. The color, crystal, pattern, etc. of the same mine have changed. The main defects are black gallbladder, crystal belt, uneven texture, cracks, etc. The domestic magic red ore blocks are rarely sold out, mainly processed by the manufacturers themselves. It is sold into slabs, landscape stones, and various stone craft products. The slabs used for paving in my country's market are mainly made of red background and fine patterns. Stones and other handicrafts.

All products of our factory are made of natural high-quality stone blocks, so the raw materials of the products cannot be guaranteed to be perfect (including high-end imported materials), but we promise not to be fake. If you have special requirements, the price will be negotiated (the price will be different). Our factory display There are differences between the product picture and the actual product, you must confirm the stone material with us when ordering.

Our products are processed and produced by ourselves, and they are all hand-carved. You can completely customize the size, material and shape you want! I need to remind you that because the stone is all natural, there will be natural impurities and stone lines. It's very normal! The pattern of the stone can't be exactly the same! Even the products of the same style made by the same master will have differences. But we guarantee that the craftsmanship is perfect, and each has its own merits!