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Feng Shui pays attention to the elements of tombstone erection

One is to choose a day class, and choose an auspicious time according to the mountain where the monument is erected. If the monument is erected on the Qingming Festival, it should be within a week and a half of the week after the Qingming Festival. If the monument is erected at other times, it must be selected accurately. Time cannot be sloppy. Why do we stand before and after Qingming Festival?tombstoneThere is no need to choose the exact time? In Feng Shui, there are 2 time periods in a year that do not have to be selected. One of the time periods is to add soil to the tomb, erect monuments, plant trees, etc. before and after the Qingming Festival. Pepsi No taboo, this is also the reason why people focus on Qingming Festival to deal with all the yin house matters.
2 is the orientation, that is, the sitting degree is reasonable. This operation is very professional, and it is necessary to accurately locate the compass according to the location of the flowing water, the location of the terrain, and the location of the pit.
3 is the texture color of the tablet surface. The material stone tablet is better and durable to weathering. The color of the tablet surface should be black or gray, black and gray have a dignified feeling, and the color is a cool tone, which is Yin, and is also suitable for use in Yin house. , Do not use bright colors, the monument has a bright color, and the home is lewd. Among them, according to the direction (front) of the 8 hexagrams on the surface of the monument, the south should be gray and not black, and the east and southeast should be black and not gray.
4 is the size and shape of the stone stele. It should not be too high or too short, generally lower than the belly but the neck, not the higher the better. The tombs of ordinary people are not too tall, not the emperor's tomb, where the tall stele stands in front of the cave, The pressure on the grave will affect the future of future generations, and the descendants will not be prosperous. The shape of the tombstone should be rectangular and well-behaved, not too narrow or too wide. If the tombstone is short and wide, the descendants will be short and fat. man of.
5 is the location of the tombstone. There are tombstones on the coffin head and on the coffin foot. Standing on the coffin head, it is called Yin Stele, benefiting Ding Yansi, the coffin foot, and benefiting the family wealth. The distance from the grave should not be pressed against the coffin, or the head of the coffin. The descendants will suffer from head problems such as headache, stupidity, dullness, mental illness, etc. If the pressure is on the feet of the coffin, the descendants will suffer from leg problems.
In addition, the foundation of the tombstone should be solid, to prevent the tombstone from tilting due to soft sinking in the future, otherwise there will be dismissal from office, leaving home, and future generations walking crookedly.
Generally, tombstones have a stele seat, and the foundation can be placed on the stele. The name of the owner, the name of the person who erected the monument (usually the descendants), the date of erection, etc., the inscription on the monument must be inscribed, that is, concave, not convex. Secondly, the number of words should be in the ecliptic. The ecliptic, originated from Zhangling In Taoism, it is consistent with the 12 construction division and choosing the day. According to calculation, the single digit of the total number of words is 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 9. It is auspicious. 1, 2, 6, and 7 are auspicious. But the number of words should not be restricted. Furthermore, the font should not be in running script or cursive script, and try to be solemn Wei tablet style, official script, and regular script. Refers to the mountains around the burrow site resembling a certain animal shape, such as ant field, centipede field, tiger field, cattle field, civet cat catching mouse, tiger descending the mountain, dragon playing with bead, phoenix spreading its wings, etc. A special content) It is not suitable to erect a stele, and there must be special content in the sacrifice, such as tiger-shaped land, meat in sacrifice, and 5 grains in ant land.
After the tombstone is erected, care should be taken to protect it. If it is skewed, it needs to be corrected. The fallen bird droppings should be wiped off. If it is cracked, it should be repaired or replaced. There is a disaster in the long room (the eldest) on the left side of the monument, and women are injured on the back of the monument.