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What is the difference between Mongolian black, Shanxi black and Chinese black tombstones?

tombstone, For people, it is a sign of worshiping and cherishing the deceased relatives. It is widely used in cemeteries and cemeteries. With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the raw materials of tombstones. Now Tombstones include almost all the raw materials of granite. For stone monuments, most people still choose the heavier black color. Let's learn about the stone styles used for domestic black stone monuments. I have to say that each one is magnificent and luxurious.

Materials used for domestic black tombstones:

At present, the domestic black tombstones are mainly composed of Mongolian black, Chinese black and Shanxi black.

Shanxi black

Also known as emperor black, it is another black granite. This variety and ore belong to the diabase gabbro in the magmatic rock, which is dark black, mainly plagioclase and pyroxene, crystalline fine-grained structure, massive structure, Pure black shiny.

Shanxi black is the high-quality black granite in my country and one of the high-quality granites in the world.

In fact, Shanxi black, like other granites, also has many grades. We usually use Shanxi black A to make tombstones. Shanxi black is comparable to South African black and Indian black in terms of foreign and physical characteristics, but the price is significantly lower than the latter two. All Shanxi black is often the preferred choice for foreign stone.

Of course, not all black stones are suitable for tombstones. With the improvement of the economic level, people's pursuit of art is getting higher and higher, and there are more and more personalized designs of tombstones. In general, as a A tombstone stone, granite is a very good tombstone material.

In the cemetery and cemetery, we usually see Shanxi black main tombstones, sesame white bottom plates, and bluestone railings. This color combination is a very Chinese and traditional tombstone material and color combination. However, in In European-style tombstones, the combination of Indian red, Shanxi black and large flower green is generally used. This combination of red, green and black is also caused by people's different ways of paying homage and emotional expressions, and regional cultural differences.

No matter what kind of tombstone material is used, the two materials of China black and Shanxi black are the materials that must be selected for mainstream tombstones. Especially the Shanxi black material, due to the high price, special care must be taken in production and processing to avoid To cause unnecessary losses, this also requires professional talents, skilled technology, and professional production teams to create a luxurious domestic black tombstone.

Mongolian black

Originally produced in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, Jianping, Liaoning, and later in Jining, Inner Mongolia and other places, basalt was also mined one after another. It is also called Mongolia black. It belongs to a kind of granite. Its particles are relatively fine, and the color of the board is black after polishing. , but there is a little yellowish feeling, and the board also has some white spots.

Chinese black

Hebei stone is a famous granite with a particularly large output. Compared with Mongolian black, Chinese black has high hardness and high density. If it is hit with a hard object, it will make a sound similar to metal. The nature is strong, so there is a saying that it will last for thousands of years.

At the same time, Chinese black is also a high-quality stone for making tombstones. The finish can be as high as 110 degrees. The color is black as ink and bright. It is the treasure of black granite tombstones. Although Chinese black tombstones are of good quality, the price is relatively moderate, which is very suitable for the Russian market. .