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Funny Soul Russian Tombstone Ideas

russian tombstonefull of creativity,Their souls should also be interesting! Let's take a look at a different set of tombstones.

User comments:

A, I'm still sad, especially the recipe, it's really sad

B, The mother's Christmas cookies are inexplicably moved, always feel that the mother gave them to the child?

C, living should be a very interesting person

Some netizens even talked about their future epitaphs:

1. My epitaph in the future: If Lao Tie sees my grave, double-click and light up the red heart plus sign on it. Double-click 666

2, I hope my tombstone can be engraved "She tried so hard to live, but unfortunately she failed... Now it's your turn, good luck stranger..

The style of European-style tombstones mainly uses pure black, dark red, gray, white and other colors. High-quality Shanxi black stone and imported Indian red are mainly selected. The stone is hard, pure in texture and sophisticated in processing technology. European-style tombstones It is mainly rectangular, indicating that grinding and polishing are required, and the front needs some carvings: relief, line carving, etc. to highlight the luxury of the tombstone.

All cemetery tombstones, traditional tombstones, European and American tombstones, and Russian tombstones in our factory are made of natural high-quality stone blocks. Therefore, the raw materials of the products cannot be guaranteed to be flawless (including high-end imported materials), but we promise not to be fake. If you have special requirements, the price will be adjusted. Negotiable (the price will be different). The pictures of the products displayed by our factory are different from the real objects. When ordering, you must confirm the stone with us.

With the changes of the times, tombstones have been gradually transformed from practical objects into cultural works of art, and their functions, shapes, textures, and ornaments have become more and more diverse. Celebrity tombstones pay more attention to the use of granite, marble and other high-quality stones for the body of the tombstone, and there are dead people on the top of the tombstone. The statue or the burnt porcelain image of the deceased is inlaid in the center of the monument. The tombstone has become an "honorary certificate" and decoration to record the family lineage and merits of the deceased. Affected by natural erosion and man-made damage such as wind, rain, sun exposure, etc., the stele table was erected outside the tomb, and the epitaph and inscription were buried in the tomb.