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From which aspects to study the durability of Zhangqiu black granite

Zhangqiu HeiIn the decoration market, granite is used more and more frequently, and it is irreplaceable for decoration. It is widely used on the "facade" of buildings, so many owners expect it to have the same vitality as buildings. It has excellent durability. The granite can not only ensure the beautiful exterior of the building, but also extend the renovation cycle of the building. When using sesame black stone as the exterior wall and decoration materials on the ground and in the hall, the following aspects must be investigated:

1. Physical properties. It must be able to withstand the damage of many external forces including gravity, wind, vibration, temperature change, wear, load, etc. This requires Zhangqiu black granite to have high various strengths, especially when the stone is installed at a high position.

2. Chemical properties. Sesame black stone must be quite resistant to chemical attack such as weathering, hydration, dissolution, dehydration, acidification, reduction and carbonate. To do this, it must be waterproof.

3. Structural strength. When choosing gray hemp--G654, G641, G655, the structural strength in different directions must be considered.

4. Water absorption rate. When the black sesame block has not been mined, its molecular structure is relatively stable, but when it is exposed to the atmosphere, there will be poor coordination between minerals inside the stone. Therefore, when choosing it, it should be as much as possible. Choose blocks with uniform pore distribution, small pore size and good quality.