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What misuse matters should be paid attention to in Chinese black tombstones?

Chinese black tombstoneWhat wrong use should be avoided? There are always many problems in the process of use. So how can we use it well is a very important place, so we must keep it clean and reduce infection. Let's share some questions about the wrong use of black stone tablets in our country, and see what are the reasons for their formation.

After a period of use of Shandong China black tombstones, water spots, white flowers and rust spots appear, and many people even think that these lesions are normal phenomena that cannot be avoided. With the advent of advanced protective materials and new installation techniques, it is necessary to prevent these The method of pathological changes is gradually being promoted. However, some old concepts are difficult to change, some old crafts are still in use, the use of new materials has not been fully mastered, and new technologies are not perfect, etc., resulting in various stone lesions still It is constantly appearing. Do not pay attention to the cleaning and daily care of the surface of Shandong China black tombstones. At present, more than 90 percent of the stone cleaning and daily care work is done by many cleaning teams. Most cleaning practitioners are in recent years by other cleaning staff. The industry has changed careers, taking into account stone cleaning and maintenance is only a matter of recent years. They have insufficient knowledge of the characteristics of Shandong China black tombstones and the use of different stone materials, and they often master the special cleaning and care materials for Shandong China black tombstone stones Not good, some even use the method of cleaning toilet materials or washing the carpet to clean the stone. Therefore, it will inevitably cause various problems, not only the old lesions are difficult to remove, but new lesions appear again, and even cause a single item The project cost millions of dollars.

What misuses should be avoided in China's black tombstones? This is something that we will ignore in our lives. This is very important to us. The above are the relevant issues that China's black tombstone manufacturers should tell you. , to ensure that our Chinese black tombstones can be used more safely, fully ensure safety, and reduce the occurrence of dangerous situations.