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Can black granite yellowing be cleaned with 84 disinfectant?

black graniteWhether the yellowing can be cleaned with 84 disinfectant, today, Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory will show you.

Open your mouth to spread rumors and break your legs

Xiaoqing flipped through Baidu and saw such a question and answer. The marble in the netizen's house turned yellow. The engineer recommended him to use 84 disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide to clean it. He also specially reminded the netizen not to trust the care solution of the stone maintenance shop and not to be fooled. .

Then Xiaoqing found that there are still many brick houses like this, so can the marble be cleaned with 84 disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide?

Xiaoqing's answer is: as long as you are not afraid of washing it, just use it!

As we all know, 84 disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide are both used for disinfection, which can quickly and effectively kill bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms.

The reason why this engineer recommends netizens to use 84 and hydrogen peroxide to clean marble yellowing is because of their bleaching effect.

84 Can disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide remove yellowing on marble?

If the reason for the yellowing of marble is rust yellow, then it is basically useless to use 84 disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide.

If the yellowing on the marble is external pollution such as coffee, tea stains, pot soil, rotting leaves, or yellow paint, straw yellow, urine, etc., then use 84 disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide to remove the yellowing Yes. But note that 84 disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide can decolorize the stone at the same time.

It is very difficult to restore the stone after discoloration.

When it comes to this, you may have questions. Does that mean that the white stone is contaminated by coffee and the like and can be cleaned with 84 disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide?

Of course the answer is no!

84 disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide are slightly acidic and corrosive, although they are weak, they are enough to cause damage to marble.

If you don't believe it, you can cut a small piece of marble and throw it into 84 disinfectant to see.

And there is another problem. At present, 80% of indoor stone materials in China have been protected. If you are paving stone at home, you can try it. Put a few drops of water on the surface of the stone and rub it with your fingers to see if the water droplets quickly penetrate into the stone. If the water is in the form of beads on the surface of the stone, gathers but does not disperse and can be maintained for a long time, it means that your stone has a protective effect, but the protective effect of this stone is not acid-resistant.

Comparison of unprotected and protected stone

Acidic substances destroy the surface protection of the stone, and pollutants can easily penetrate into the interior of the stone. This is also what many customers have reported, why the stone is more dirty after cleaning with 84.

Using 84 disinfectant to clean stone is undoubtedly drinking poison to quench thirst! 84 is very cheap, but the follow-up treatment may cost more!

To sum up, it is not recommended to use disinfectants such as 84 disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide to clean the stone, and we recommend that no acid be used to clean the stone.

Let's take a look at the problem that the engineer said that the maintenance solution for cleaning the stone in the stone maintenance shop is "gummy".

Why is the special stone cleaning agent expensive? Because it is safe! It can effectively remove stone pollution lesions without harming the stone! If it is effective, 84 can also bleach the stone.

The functions of professional stone cleaning agents are targeted, and it is necessary to prescribe the right medicine for different lesions. It is precisely because of its pertinence that it is safer and more effective!

For example: VD pigment remover removes coffee, tea stains, ink, mildew and other pigment pollution; VD degreasing ointment removes heavy oil pollution such as motor oil, diesel, gasoline; VD degreasing and degumming agent removes glue oil, tape, chewing gum and other glue oil Pollution; marble rust remover specially removes marble rust yellow.

It is not ruled out that some businesses are shoddy. Really, it is not ruled out! Any industry is harmful! But is the cleaning agent recommended by the stone care shop completely unreliable?

Have you ever seen a professional stone care company that uses 84 or hydrogen peroxide to clean the stone? The professional stone care company purchases a small bottle of stone cleaning agent at a price of 100 yuan. They also want to make a profit, if there are cheap ones Why do you still buy this?

Besides, if a professional stone care company undertakes a cleaning project, it will use dozens or hundreds of bottles at a time, and how much can be used in a year for household use? Since you have to lie to a certain stone care company.

Speaking of this, I can't help but ponder, is the boss who sells stone maintenance products cheating thousands of dollars in one time, or is an old customer making more money by continuing to buy?

No matter black cat or white cat, any cat that can catch mice is a good cat!

This is the era when everyone wants to be an "expert". As long as you go online, you can always see "experts" with various titles. The titles look great, but Baidu can't find any information about the title. Discussion questions When he talks at length, he talks incessantly, and when he speaks, he seeks extensive references, has reason and evidence, and his tone is unequivocal, unquestionable, and you have to be convinced.

It's a mule or a horse, pull it out and yo!

We just look at the results!

But the reality is that many people often believe their words, but the consequences are out of control. When you go back to the "expert", the "expert" has disappeared. Only then do you realize that this is a "brick house"!

The existence of this "brick family" is not only fooled by netizens, but also for those of us who are conscientious in technology. Following the "brick family" to refute rumors, it is impossible to keep busy, and if you are not careful, you will be caught by people who don't know the truth. The masses are hurt.

There are countless rumors on the Internet, and the routines are hard to guard against. You can only keep your eyes open and believe in science! Let’s encourage everyone!