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What is the function of the tombstone in the cemetery?

Cemetery tombstone, is the gate of the Yin House, which has the same effect as the gate of the Yang House, but in a different way. The gate of the Yang House is opened in the wrong direction, and the vertical distribution of gold is not suitable for the situation. Various disasters have occurred.

In the same way, the stone stele of the Yin House must be placed in the correct hexagram position, combined with the luck and accurate vertical distribution of gold, in order to exert the effect of Najib's urging fortune and blessing the descendants.

When it comes to the correct hexagram position of the stele, another important effect of the stone stele is to be mentioned, that is, the effect of "small sand". This effect is more pronounced especially in the plain area. The hexagram position of the stele is correct, it will The effect of auspicious sand is equivalent to an auspicious mountain. For example, under the condition that the combination of luck, the combination, the direction, and the distribution of gold and yao are correct, standing in the Southeast Sunda Palace will make the daughter (eldest daughter) in the family succeed in school. Wenchang is prosperous, self-improvement and self-reliance. And the wealth in the family will be significantly prosperous, profits will increase, and fame (influence) will multiply. But if the hexagram is in the wrong position, not only will it fail to become "auspicious sand", it will also become "fierce" and disasters will occur. Er.

To erect a monument is a matter of prudence, and requires correct theory and practical experience. It is absolutely impossible to erect a monument at will when you do not understand it, let alone ask those "big immortals" who do not understand it to erect a monument. This is related to the good and bad luck of the descendants. It is necessary to pay attention to it. If a monument is erected, it is recommended to ask a professional wind and water master to instruct and operate it.

To erect a monument or not to erect a monument?

Of course, it is good to erect a stele. The stone stele serves as the gate of the yin house and the head of the tomb. It is the key component of auspiciousness and auspicious luck. A yin house without a stone stele, even if it is a top-grade Zhenlongjia cave, its wind and water urge auspiciousness. The efficiency of the building will also be greatly reduced, which is equivalent to building a house without a door, and it is difficult for people to show their faces in it.

Even if it is not a real dragon cave, an ordinary graveyard, if the hexagram of the monument is correct and the distribution of money is correct, it can at least ensure the safety of future generations.

Too many people, because they don't know the actual effect of stone monuments, see other people's monuments erecting monuments, and they also learn to erect monuments for their own graves in a confused way.

Our country is vast, whether it is in the south or in the north, the customs are different in different places, and the styles and styles of burials and stone tablets are also different. The effect of the stone tablet is the same no matter where it is.

After some people erected monuments, disasters continued, and after some people erected monuments, they were prosperous and wealthy. But whether it was good or bad, most people didn't think about this. No question why.