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How to Pay Attention to the Details of Carving Patterns on Traditional Cemetery Tombstones

For tombstone designers, it is possible to design aCemetery tombstoneIt is the ideal of tombstone designers to design a tombstone style that you are passionate about. If you put a designed tombstone style into a tombstone factory for practical production, you need a manufacturer specializing in the production of tombstones. Tombstones produced by a tombstone factory are recognized by customers. The pursuit of teachers! These all show that a professional tombstone manufacturer, professional tombstone manufacturers also pay great attention to the details of the carved pictures on the tombstone!

Generally speaking, luxurious and personalized tombstone modeling is completed by a professional design team and skilled carpenters. In order to make the tombstone modeling a good effect, it is popular among major cemeteries and private consumers to carve tombstones. The masons will strictly follow the design drawings of the tombstone, and show the profound carving skills on the granite stone.

To express a beautiful and luxurious tombstone, the carved pictures on the tombstone are indispensable. The carving techniques of these pictures are generally: relief, line carving, round carving, openwork, hollow carving and other craftsmanship. "Carved objects.

Most people would like to engrave pictures of dragons and phoenixes on tombstones. Dragons and phoenixes engraved on tombstones could only be used by the royal family in ancient times, showing the supremacy of the tomb owner, and other officials can only engrave other animals. Shuanglong is engraved on the tombstone. Playing beads represents a kind of joy, and together it shows the dignity of the tomb owner. So far, it has become a very popular shape for people to carve pictures on tombstones!

The carving on a tombstone includes a wide range of contents. The carving mainly uses relief and line carving. The relief is to carve an uneven surface on the surface of the stone, which has a three-dimensional sense. The line carving in the stone is mainly carved by the Yin line method, which absorbs Chinese painting and The traditional brushwork such as meaning, stacking, line modeling, scatter perspective, etc., uses shadows to express a three-dimensional sense. The round carving is mainly to carve dragons and phoenixes on the top of the tombstone to make the tombstone have a three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal.

When producing any stone-carved tombstone, the carvers of the tombstone manufacturer will consider the coordination, beauty, carveability and color matching and selection of its various components. It is very important to grade this stone-carved tombstone. The positioning of the tombstone. Only by understanding the needs of consumers, can we clearly position and determine the style, decoration and color of the tombstone to make.