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How to write an epitaph on a traditional tombstone

The epitaph of traditional tombstones often consists of three parts: title, text and inscription.

1. The title is generally composed of the name of the deceased and the name of the language. For example, the epitaph of Liu Zihou is greater than .

2. Text: Generally, the text of the epitaph consists of three aspects. One is to briefly introduce the main life experience of the deceased; 2 is to evaluate the main achievements and social value of the deceased; 3 is to write the meaning of the monument , to express our condolences for the unfortunate passing of the deceased.

3. The inscription shall indicate the title of the unit that erected the monument, the author's name, and the date of writing. It should be pointed out that some epitaphs have the title of the monument erecting unit or the author's personal name already written under the title, so the inscription only indicates The date of writing is sufficient.

One, the monument of accumulating virtue and doing good deeds

The ancient monuments of public virtue that praised public morality have completely disappeared today, but today in order to commend some advanced individuals, such as donating funds to build schools, monuments are also erected to commemorate them. , the text, and the signature are composed of three parts.

1. The title is generally composed of the surname and title of the person who has done good deeds and the title of the literary genre.

2. The text states when, where, why, who did what good deeds, and the text should also explain the gratitude of the unit or individual who erected the monument.

3. The title or name of the person who erected the monument shall be signed, and the date of the monument shall be stated.

Generally speaking, inscriptions on inscriptions require a combination of poems and prose, and the reading is catchy. The narration is concise, the sincerity is expressed, and the discussion is powerful. Only in this way can it be called excellent. The inscriptions on the inscription can be broadcast to future generations, so praise the accumulation of virtue and do good deeds. When writing people's notes, they must be objective Fairness, do not exaggerate the reality, spread fallacies. Whether it is praise or depreciation, it is valuable to not lose reality, and fairness and equality are beautiful.