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Take you to know the Chinese black tombstone "5 lines of color

In ancient China, "the tomb does not have a grave", it was only buried underground, and there were no trees on the surface. Later, there were tombs with soil on the ground, and there were Chinese black tombstones. In addition to being elegant, the design of Chinese black tombstones In feng shui, it can also be used as a preface between sitting on the mountain and facing the direction, harmonizing the 5 lines, taking the life of the Sheke, so that the acupoint field can play the role of protecting the descendants more effectively. The Chinese black tombstone does not care about the value of the stone, Instead, we should focus on the selection of colors. When there is conflict between sitting on the mountain and facing on the 5th line, the Chinese black tombstone can play a role in harmonious sitting on the mountain and facing.

First of all, we need to figure out the color 5 lines of Chinese black tombstones:

1. Black belongs to water

2. Red is fire

3. White Metallic

4. Cyan is wood

5. Brown or beige soil


1. If you are sitting on the dry mountain, you should choose the black Chinese black tombstone, and the black color is water, then it will form the Chinese black tombstone sitting on the mountain and dry the gold.

2. When sitting on Bing Xiangren, the blue Chinese black tombstone should be used as wood, and Xiangren water grows Chinese black tombstone wood, which regenerates sitting on Bing fire, so it is auspicious.

3. When sitting on the ground towards Kun, you should take the red Chinese black tombstone and fire on the soil towards Kun, and then on the soil of sitting on the ground. Therefore, it is great auspiciousness.

A commemorative carrier made by humans for the burial place of the deceased, generally made of stone materials, but also made of wood, metal materials and other materials. Tombstone inscription.

Chinese black tombstones generally engraved with the deceased's name, place of origin, achievements, date of death, and the name of the person who erected the tombstone and the connection with the deceased. Writing inscriptions should be filled with respect and love for the deceased. In the 22nd year of the Republic of China, Henan Tongzhi·Suixian County Interview: Yuan Keli's Chinese black tombstone is greater than: "Yuan Shangshu can erect a Chinese black tombstone, which is 4 miles south of (Suizhou) city and 4 miles east of Liudian Village. About Zhang Yu, still called the system.quot;