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How to tell if Chinese black tombstones are dyed?

Natural marble "China Black" is used by many families as the preferred material for making cabinet countertops due to its high hardness, wear resistance, oil stains, and impermeability of stains. The so-called natural marble "China Black" cabinet countertops custom-made by a building materials market in Nanning, Guangxi It is dyed. The reporter found in Nanning's building materials market survey that at present, the so-called natural marble "China Black" sold in Nanning's building materials market is mostly dyed with "sesame gray" marble.

The natural marble "China Black" has a smooth surface, hard texture, no oil leakage, wear resistance, and no fading. The price of this stone is mostly around 500 yuan\/meter. Because it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish between true and false "China Black", some The unscrupulous merchants dyed the inferior stone, which fooled consumers. The reporter entered the decorative stone area, and the harsh sound of grinding the stone came over, and some stone shops were processing stone on the road next to their own shops.

The reporter visited several stone shops in the name of buying stone, and the merchants all said that they were selling natural marble "China Black".

In a stone shop at the entrance of the decorative stone area, when the reporter asked if there was any dyed "China Black" for sale, the shop owner told the reporter that the dyed "China Black" was placed in the warehouse. According to the shop owner, the natural marble "China Black" The main place of origin is Inner Mongolia. Because of the high transportation cost, few people are willing to transport natural marble "China Black" from Inner Mongolia to Nanning. At present, the so-called natural marble "China Black" sold in Nanning market is generally from Yunfu, Guangdong Province. The dyed "China Black" shipped from the city to Nanning, the original stone is "sesame gray" marble, the price is 65 yuan\/meter. Marble "China Black" is then sold to consumers at a price of 330 yuan\/meter to 380 yuan\/meter.

The reporter found that the dyed "China Black" is completely black in color, with no texture or small asymmetrical spots on the natural marble, but its luster is acceptable. Consumers who have not seen the natural marble "China Black" are difficult to find. Distinguish the true from the false. Seeing that the reporter is interested in dyed marble, the shop owner took the initiative to tell the reporter that the dyed "China Black" is very popular in the market. At present, in the southern provinces and cities, most of the dyed "China Black" sold in the market is dyed "China Black". .This method is highly profitable and the processing process is simple. It only needs to be completed through the four processes of cutting, edging, dyeing and waxing. It can be said that after dyeing "sesame ash", it pretends to be natural marble "China black" and sells it. It has become an open secret in the industry.