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What is the European and American monument?

The classic sentences on European and American monuments, let's take a look and feel the tremor of the soul

On the Holocaust Memorial in Boston, USA, inscribed is a thought-provoking short poem left by a German Protestant priest named Martin Niemoller. Nimoller was a victim of the Nazis:

In Germany, at first they hunted down the communists, and I didn't say anything - because I wasn't a communist;

Then they went after Jews and I didn't speak - because I wasn't Jewish; then they went after unionists and I didn't speak - because I wasn't a union member; then they went after Catholics and I didn't speak - because I was Protestant Christians; they came to me, but no one stood up and spoke for me again.

\u003Ci>为了多刻字其形体又演变为方形,长方形,开端埋于墓穴内或墓外,参照房屋建筑,碑顶加上碑帽,饰刻动,植物或山水斑纹,碑身刻上死者简历.标明是独葬与妻,妾,子,女等合葬.附刻阴宅(即坟墓)风水地理位置朝向.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>In order to engrave more characters, its shape has evolved into a square or a rectangle. It was initially buried in the tomb or outside the tomb. Referring to the housing construction, the top of the stele was added with a stele cap, decorated with animals, plants or landscape patterns, and the body of the stele was engraved with the resume of the deceased. Buried alone with his wife, concubine, children, daughters, etc. With engraved Yin Zhai (ie tomb) feng shui location orientation.\u003C\/b> \u003Ci>(以天干地支表明).中产之家立中等石碑,穷家仅可立上留个名字的小石碑,或陶砖碑或栽培某种长青树为标识.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>(Indicated by the zodiac and earthly branches). Middle-class families can erect medium-sized stone monuments, and poor families can only erect small stone monuments with a name, or pottery brick monuments or cultivate some kind of evergreen tree as a sign.\u003C\/b>

Then the stele was gradually transformed from a practical item into a civilized art, and its function, shape, texture, and decoration became more and more diverse. The celebrity stele is more particular about the body of the stele, which is mostly made of high-quality stone such as granite and marble. The top of the stele has statues of the deceased or The center of the stele is inlaid with the porcelain statue of the deceased. The stone stele has become a "honorary certificate" and decoration to record the family lineage and meritorious deeds of the deceased. This is in line with the Chinese people's social customs of honoring their ancestors, their ancestors, and their descendants.

In order to avoid natural corrosion and man-made damage such as wind, rain, sun exposure, etc., the stele table was erected outside the tomb, and the epitaph and inscription were buried in the tomb.