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Problems needing attention in deep cleaning of Chinese black tombstone stone

The problems worth noting in the deep cleaning of black tombstone stones in my country are:

(1) Experiments should be carried out first. The "symptoms" of stone materials vary widely, for example, there can be many kinds of deliquescent salts that form water spots. Therefore, without knowing the detailed causes of the stains, we initiate a small experiment first. ;

(2) Carefully select cleaning agents. The inferior cleaning agents are often some strong acids, which are likely to cause more serious stone diseases, such as surface loss and chalking, water spots and saline-alkali spots, loose corrosion and yellowing, etc. Therefore, it is suggested that users should first select high-quality products from reliable manufacturers; secondly, they should protect the parts that are not to be cleaned before cleaning, and remove residual chemicals after cleaning; in addition, the cleaning of stone cultural relics should be Relevant expert testimony.

Innovation: Innovation is a method of dealing with the damage to the surface or surface microstructure caused by stone disease. Grinding, sandblasting and coating are the fundamental innovations. The simple innovation method is to re-polish or apply a layer Whitewash to cover up information.

Grinding and polishing can make the surface lose its luster, the surface layer is powdered and peeled off, and the smooth surface of the stone surface is restored to its original natural appearance. Some new abrasives, the combination of abrasives and chemical additives can make the innovative stone surface reach more than 90 degrees. The mirror glossiness is high. At present, the innovative grinding and polishing technology on the ground in China is relatively mature. There is still a certain technical difficulty in the construction of the wall, and we are developing in this area;

Sandblasting, also known as particle eruption, can restore the original natural appearance of Chinese black stone with rough surface and irregular appearance, for example, it has a good effect on woolen board, fire board and sculpture. About 10j-106Pa, the well-designed portable eruption machinery can actively recover and separate the working particles and absorb the dust. Plastic particles, etc. These particles can be divided into general particles (0.1-0.5ram) and microparticles (0.05-0.1mm) according to their diameters, which can be selected according to the situation. The innovative method of sandblasting abroad is relatively common, but it has not yet been seen in China. Similar high quality particle blasting machinery products.

Coating is only a method of whitewashing and covering. But the combination of penetration enhancer with grinding and sandblasting has a very good effect. For example, for some severely corroded stone, stone with holes or cracks, some loose calcium-containing stones Stone, etc. Generally, holes and cracks should be filled first, infiltrated and strengthened with stone enhancers, and then ground and sandblasted. The stone enhancers we produce are often used in innovative stone projects.

For some Chinese black tombstone stones that are difficult to be treated with cleaning methods, the stains enter and are relatively shallow stone diseases, such as organic stains, salt stains and white flowers, water stains and water stains, etc., grinding and sandblasting methods are also useful. It's just that the cost is higher.