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What are the guidelines for the maintenance of stone materials introduced by Russian tombstone manufacturers?

todayrussian tombstoneThe manufacturers briefly tell you how to maintain the stone in the following points:

1. The polished stone on the surface can create a more detailed and magnificent effect. Therefore, the maintenance intention is still mainly to protect the brightness of the color and the brightness of the stone surface. The maintenance of the color of the stone is easy. It is a key protection, capable of waxing, brightening (color) processing, re-polishing, repairing and reinforcing for damage, pollution removal, etc.

2. The surface of the roughened stone (flame treatment and chiseling treatment belong to this category) should express the original feeling of rough ore or the parquet contrast of the smooth panel. Its maintenance is basically based on the rough surface. Regeneration, pollution removal, waterproof treatment (should choose protective materials that do not form a coating on the surface and do not brighten) and damage repair, no need to brighten, due to some protective materials or chemical treatment agents, may lead to rough surface The color of the stone is deepened. If it is used in the occasion of parquet of thick and thin boards, it may make the color of the light board and the rough board closer and destroy the original design.

The mainte It is prone to scratches itself.

All in all, the main consideration for stone maintenance is to understand the shortcomings of the stone, and list the factors that may cause damage to the shortcomings of the installation location, and then seek appropriate maintenance methods to strengthen the resistance of the stone or reduce the possibility of rapid deterioration. , in order to achieve the role of the stone is always as new. If you have any questions, please call us.