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How to reduce the harm of black granite to human body?

Many consumers often only pay attention to the harm of indoor benzene and formaldehyde, but they know little about the harm of granite, or take it lightly. Although it has long been concluded that stone will cause lung cancer, only few people pay attention. Now many consumers are in Subconsciously, the advantages of black granite will be infinitely magnified, but the unsafe side of granite will not be explored.

1. It is not difficult to find out that granite stone is closely related to radon, a radioactive carcinogen. "Radon" has been confirmed to induce cancer in people's lung organs, and granite exists in this Element.

2. If the granite stone is laid indoors, it needs to be ventilated in time and often to dilute the pollution of radiation with moving air. The release period of radon is relatively short, only 2-3 days, so after opening the window for a few days, It will be very effective in controlling radiation pollution.

3. Granite stone has always been recognized as a very rare building material in the construction industry. It is beautiful, colorful, natural, and does not need artificial carving. Granite stone can play a very good decorative effect; it has a rock-like effect. It is hard and dense, and it is one of the good choices for building outdoor or indoor decoration. However, there are many advantages, and the hazards of granite cannot be ignored. Here I tell you that the hazards of granite should not be ignored.

4. When purchasing granite stone, you must avoid its shortcomings and use its strengths. For example, if you buy granite stone, you must have an understanding of the radioactive content standards stipulated in my country in the early stage, and you can even deliver its samples to the relevant testing departments. Seriously test it out to make sure whether the radioactive content is up to the standard or exceeding the standard.

Methods to reduce the harm of black granite

1, buy stone

When purchasing, you must know the radioactivity and harmful gas indicators of the stone, and keep indoor ventilation after decoration. Keeping indoor ventilation is an effective way to reduce harm.

2. When plants are placed indoors, when there is a TV or computer in the room, the negative oxygen ions will decrease rapidly. And the stomata on the succulent stems of cactus, arrow lotus and other plants are closed during the day and open at night, and absorb 2 oxidation At the same time of carbon, oxygen is released, which increases the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air.

3. Green bonsai with fruit plants, fruits are deodorants, such as pears, oranges, melons, small pumpkins, etc. Putting bonsai with fruit plants in the new house is not only environmentally friendly, fragrant and natural, but also healthy.

It can be seen that not all granites have great radiation and are harmful to the human body. These granites account for a relatively small amount in all light-colored granites, and most light-colored granites can still be used with confidence. The above is the editor Introduced to you about the hazards of granite and the methods to reduce the hazards of granite, I hope it can help you.