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Zhangqiu black factory investigation needs to pay attention to what?

At present, most enterprises in the black stone industry in Zhangqiu have low production level, little mastery of new technologies, and insufficient basic funds. They cannot conduct research on new methods and new principles. Only a small number of enterprises stand at the forefront of the industry, but there is no free lunch. Technology monopoly has led to domestic Many underdeveloped areas in the province have fallen into a vicious circle of low price wars.

  Zhangqiu HeiWhat is the development prospect of the company? The development prospect is the relevant situation that we need to know, so this is a certain basic matter. We have to choose a Zhangqiu black factory for cooperation, and we need to investigate its factory, and we have to choose one. The stone factory definitely wants to cooperate for a long time, so it must be prudent and go to the factory to investigate as much as possible. When you go to Zhangqiu Black Material Factory for investigation, you need to pay attention to the following aspects.

The mining technology is backward. The traditional Zhangqiu black stone mining technology has high consumption and high pollution, which seriously restricts the development of Zhangqiu black stone. Nowadays, green environmental protection is a concern of the whole society, and the mining of Zhangqiu black stone should also take a green route. .Specific measures: Promoting the commercialization of new technologies. Facing the demand for new technologies in the industry, it can support the development of new technology alliances in the rust stone industry, encourage enterprises to join forces, jointly invest, and rely on my country's major scientific and technological plans to jointly develop energy-saving After the development of high-efficiency new technology, we will jointly apply for patents and enjoy them together without bias. In this way, the rust stone industry will develop to high-end application development, and develop in the direction of specialization and patented new technology.

Do not pay attention to personnel training. In the early stage of Zhangqiu black stone development, most enterprises only focused on interests, but ignored the cultivation of talents. With the advancement of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for Zhangqiu black stone products. Zhangqiu black stone products The rapid development of the stone industry, the depth of stone processing is more engineering or special-shaped products, which requires enterprises to improve their technical capabilities, improve the quality of personnel, and follow the progress of the times. The industry structure hinders exchanges and promotes structural upgrading.

The development prospect of Zhangqiu Hei is a work that we will pay attention to in our life in the future. Only in this way can our stone development prospect achieve a better and considerable future. The above are the relevant issues introduced by our editor. If you still If you have anything else you want to know, you can contact us at any time, so that we can better answer your questions.