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The role of Zhangqiu black stone

As a building decoration material, Zhangqiu black stone has a variety of commodity types. Such as antique stone, chopped axe stone, mushroom stone, granite fire board, machine planed board, matt board, sandblasted board, etc. , is another form of Zhangqiu black stone expression processing. Because this type of stone mainly highlights the rough and uniform expression processing surface, it is customary in my country to call it rough surface (stone). This article classifies Zhangqiu black stone in the Non-gloss panel stone. In addition to the above types, it also includes reliefs, Roman columns and other types or special-shaped materials used in different occasions and environmental conditions. The appearance of black stone in Zhangqiu basically has the following reasons:

1. In the decoration effect, highlight the natural beauty that people and the environment are more harmonious.

2. Non-slip.

3. Antique, imitation old.

Zhangqiu Black Polishing: The surface has a high gloss. Polishing may or may not last for a long time, depending on the type of Zhangqiu black stone. Granite, marble and limestone are usually polished and require different maintenance to maintain their luster. .

Polishing: The polished surface looks very "soft" and scratches are obvious, without excessive care. Zhangqiu black granite is suitable for polishing.

Chopping axe: The surface is not smooth. After the initial cutting, the Zhangqiu black stone is further processed to remove the obvious saw marks, but the effect is not as good as the polishing effect. Granite, marble and limestone can be treated in this way, usually in the case of customization.

Fire: Rough surface. This surface is mainly used indoors such as floors or as the decoration of commercial buildings, and the labor cost is high. After high temperature heating, rapid cooling will form a fire surface. The fire surface is generally granite.

Cracking: rough surface, but not as rough as fire

Tumble: Smooth or slightly rough surface, smooth and broken edges and corners. There are several ways to achieve the tumble effect. 20mm bricks can be tumbled in the machine, 3cm bricks can also be tumbled and then split into 2 bricks. Marble And limestone is a good material for tumbling.

Brushing: The black surface of Zhangqiu is old. The processing process is to brush the surface of the stone, imitating the natural wear effect of the stone.