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What factors affect the processing of black granite stone?

The processing of black granite stone is mainly sawing, cutting, grinding and throwing. The machinability of stone refers to the ease of sawing, cutting, grinding and throwing. The sawing and cutting are the same, although there are differences between grinding and throwing, they are very similar. . Therefore, the machinability of general stone usually refers to sawability and grindability. The main factors affecting the machinability of stone are:

(1) Hardness

In general, the greater the hardness of the stone, the more difficult it is to process and the greater the wear on the tool.

(2) Mineral composition and chemical composition

The material components of black granite stone include mineral composition and chemical composition. Different mineral composition and chemical composition have different processability. For example, marble rock-forming minerals are mainly calcite and dolomite, and their Mohs hardness is 3 and 3 respectively. 3.5-4, lower hardness than granite, easy to process. The main rock-forming minerals of granite are quartz, orthoclase, plagioclase, and their Mohs hardness is 6.5-7. Its machinability is very high. The degree depends on the content of quartz and feldspar. The higher the content, the more difficult it is to process. In terms of chemical composition, for example, the higher the content of SiO2, the more difficult it is to process.

(3) The structure of rock

Generally speaking, stone with uniform particles is easier to process than uneven stone, fine-grained stone has higher polishing quality than flake-shaped stone, and dense stone has higher gloss than loose stone. After the gloss, the cleavage of the rock, grain boundaries and initial cracks are also important factors for the machinability.

In addition, the selected machining tools and process parameters are an influencing factor that must be considered.

There are two main types of veneer stone used for building decoration: marble and granite. To process veneer stone blocks into building decorative plates, the main processes are sawing, grinding and polishing, cutting finished plates, trimming, chamfering and grooving Among them, the sawing process is very critical, which determines the output and quality of the product. In the sawing process, diamond saw blades are mostly used. According to domestic and foreign statistical data, it is estimated that about 50% of the world's industrial diamonds are currently used for manufacturing. Stone processing tools, mainly stone processing saw blades.