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The role of black granite stone

Zhangqiu black stele is widely used, granite has many uses, one of which is to make steles, so how are granite steles made? The granite steles we see in cemeteries are made of natural granite.

In these quarries, large pieces of granite blocks are extracted by drilling, blasting, sawing, etc. The blocks will be transported to processing plants, cut and polished into various materials for use, such as building materials, furniture, granite Stele stone. When used for memorial carving, skilled craftsmen and artists use modern techniques to invent a work of art for the person to be remembered.

Workers use high air pressure and special sand to spray the granite through the nozzle of the hose. The sandblasting erodes the surface of the headstone at a very high rate in a pressurized environment. The surface of the granite stone covered by the abrasive can be well maintained. Pictures and text are revealed.

Zhangqiu Black Stone Stele Manufacturer states that the blocks of granite stele are taken from different orientations of the granite body. Rocks in different orientations of the rock body have different strengths due to the various substances they have experienced. The effects that occur after diagenesis are also different. Taking weathering as an example, the rock in the marginal area or surface of the rock body is subjected to strong weathering, and then the rock weathering phenomenon is severe, which makes the structure loose, and the stone grinding and polishing process is more difficult. Difficult, the processed granite stone is not beautiful in color, and has low flexural and compressive strength; the weathering of the rock in the rock body or the base is weak, the mineral of the rock has hardly changed, the rock is fresh, the structure is fine, and the color beauty.

Zhangqiu Black Stone Stele Manufacturers describe that granite is often used as a granite stele and some decorations. In fact, granite is the product classification title of stone in the market. Granite is a natural stone, which generally refers to decorative functions, fine structure and texture. Consolidated, stable in function, can be processed into various magmatic rocks, volcanic rocks and some deep metamorphic rocks in the desired shape. Common rocks are granite, tuff, diorite, andesite, gabbro, diabase, basalt , gneiss, etc.

Granite is not easy to be weathered and has beautiful colors. In addition to being used for high-end building decoration projects and hall floors, it is still the main material for open-air carving, and black stone is also a kind of granite. Corrosion, with decorative features, is very popular in the construction industry, building decoration industry and granite stele making industry.

Zhangqiu Black Stone Stele Manufacturer's Narration In normal life, we often hear that we are generally referred to as granite or marble when we talk about veneer stone. Some people say granite as marble, and some people say marble as granite. , Some people mix granite and marble with granite and marble in petrology. Originally, granite and marble are general product names, which have a certain relationship with the rock types in petrology, but there are big differences.