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How can landscape engineering promote future economic development?

Landscape engineering mainly studies the engineering technology of landscape construction, including earthwork engineering for terrain reconstruction, rock-setting engineering, garden water management engineering and garden revetment engineering, fountain engineering, garden water supply and drainage engineering, garden road engineering, planting engineering, etc. The feature of the project is to use engineering technology as a means to portray the image of garden art. The use of new materials, new equipment and new technologies in garden engineering was a major issue at that time. The central content of garden engineering is: Ruan is comprehensively giving play to the ecology of gardens Under the premise of benefit, social benefit and economic benefit function, deal with the opposition between the engineering facilities in the garden and the landscape garden landscape. In short, it is to discuss the landscaping of municipal engineering.

As an important engine to promote future economic development, urbanization has once again become a hot spot in the market. The development of urbanization has brought the key to the landscaping industry. With the investment of municipal departments at all levels in municipal gardens will continue to increase, it is estimated that with the process of urbanization With further advancement, the growth rate of urban landscaping construction is expected to accelerate in the future.

Improve the quality and brand awareness of garden enterprises, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises; it is conducive to further standardizing the construction market of garden projects, and has a positive demonstration and guiding role in the construction of garden projects, and promotes construction companies to create more and better garden landscape projects. Well adapted to the needs of the city's ecological civilization construction.

Landscape engineering is suitable for secondary industry education applications. The book introduces other major landscape engineering design and construction technical knowledge and methods except landscape construction engineering, including earthwork, water supply and drainage, water features, masonry, garden roads, rockeries, plant planting, The professional and technical content of 9 main aspects such as lighting engineering and landscape engineering management can be used as a teaching material for gardens, environmental art and landscape design in industry technical schools, and can also be used as a post-training teaching material for landscape engineering constructors, budgeters or landscape engineer technology. Training materials for professional title examinations.