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Shanxi black tombstone carving process skills

Shanxi black tombstone stone carving process skills:

1. Find the horizontal plane at the bottom of the black tombstone stone prototype, place it on a flat plate with a coordinate grid, and draw a line where the flat plates intersect along the bottom edge of the prototype, so that the prototype can be put back in place repeatedly, and find the bottom edge of the prototype. Cross-coordinate line. The vertical line of the coordinate line passes through the high point of the prototype.

2. Use 2 steel squares to place a standard long square in parallel so that there is a distance of about 3cm between the two. Put it vertically on the flat plate, the right angles of the 2 steel rulers are on the same coordinate line, and let the pencil rest on the 2 steel rulers. By sliding up and down, left and right, you can mark a very accurate space vertical line on the prototype. In the same way, find the four vertical lines of the front, back, left and right, and the four lines will intersect at a point. In this way, the basic plane coordinates and space coordinates are It is established. And no matter what kind of turning point, it can draw a vertical line.

3. Freely choose space coordinate lines and coordinate points on the prototype. The principle is to mark the front coordinate lines and points at the wider front; mark the side coordinate lines and points at the wider side. How to find the coordinate lines and points is the same as the second The steps are the same. Note that the front coordinate line and the side coordinate line must be staggered.

4. Find the coordinates of the bottom surface on the stone selected for the black tombstone, and cut out the plane in time. Using the bottom plane as the standard, find the spatial coordinate line on the stone. Use proportional magnification to find the main coordinate line of the front and the side. and points, and consider the foundation to cut off the wasteland. Then mark the disconnected coordinates clearly from the beginning, continue to find other coordinate lines and points, and continue to cut off the redundant parts. The more coordinate lines and points you find, the more accurate the shape and the charm. closer to the prototype.

5. In order to save labor, it is possible to lay slender and tall works on the ground for processing, as long as the precise coordinates are marked, there will be no visible faults.

6. Trim the details. Carve the turn and turn lines more smoothly. Then finish the processing of the small parts.

The above is the introduction of relevant common sense. Do you understand it? If you have any questions, please call us. Thank you for your support.