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Share the main knowledge points of Shanxi tombstones


Tombstone inscriptions are generally engraved with the deceased's name, place of origin, achievements, date of death, and the name of the person who erected the tombstone and the connection with the deceased. The inscription on the tombstone should be filled with respect and affection for the deceased. In the 22nd year of the Republic of China, Henan Tongzhi·Suixian County interview draft · Yuan Keli's tombstone is larger than: "Yuan Shangshu can erect a tombstone, which is 4 miles south of (Suizhou) city and east of Liudian Village. The monument is 8 feet high, the upper Jiaochi, the lower one, and the height is more than zhang. It is still known as system.

As for the graves of relatives, one or two generations can remember it clearly, but after the third generation, it is unclear. Especially through migration, the war will not know where the ancestral graves are. How to solve it, people have come up with many methods. At the beginning, people buried the dead to maintain Inspired by the garden stakes used for coffin ropes, stakes and bamboo poles are inserted in front of the tomb, and fibrous things (paper or silk, etc.) are attached to indicate the date and time of birth and death of the deceased, which is called "Ming Jing"; ( Or "Ming Jing"). But it is simple and damaged, so people think of other ways: rich people use stone garden pillars instead of wooden garden stakes, and engrave the names of the deceased, birth time, official rank, etc. on the stone pillars.

\u003Ci>为了多刻字其形体又演变为方形,长方形,开端埋于墓穴内或墓外,参照房屋建筑,碑顶加上碑帽,饰刻动,植物或山水斑纹,碑身刻上死者简历.标明是独葬与妻,妾,子,女等合葬.附刻阴宅(即坟墓)风水地理位置朝向.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>In order to engrave more characters, its shape has evolved into a square or a rectangle. It was initially buried in the tomb or outside the tomb. Referring to the housing construction, the top of the stele was added with a stele cap, decorated with animals, plants or landscape patterns, and the body of the stele was engraved with the resume of the deceased. Buried alone with his wife, concubine, children, daughters, etc. With engraved Yin Zhai (ie tomb) feng shui location orientation.\u003C\/b> \u003Ci>(以天干地支表明).中产之家立中等墓碑,穷家仅可立上留个名字的小墓碑,或陶砖碑或栽培某种长青树为标识.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>(Indicated by the zodiac). Middle-class families can erect medium-sized tombstones, and poor families can only erect small tombstones with a name, or pottery bricks or cultivate some kind of evergreen tree as a sign.\u003C\/b>

Then Shanxi tombstones were gradually transformed from practical objects into civilized works of art, and their functions, shapes, textures, and cultural decoration became more and more diversified. Celebrity tombstones pay more attention to the body of the tombstone and use high-quality stone such as granite and marble. The top of the tombstone has statues of the dead or The burnt porcelain image of the deceased is inlaid in the center of the monument. The tombstone has become a "honor" and ornament that records the family lineage and merits of the deceased.

In order to protect from natural erosion and man-made damage such as wind, rain, sun, etc., the tablet table was erected outside the tomb, and the epitaph and inscription were buried in the tomb.

Raw materials: usually natural stone or artificial stone, with marble black granite as the main material.