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What are the advantages of tombstone stone?

What are the advantages of tombstone stone?

Now I will explain it to you, I hope it will be helpful to you: the tombstones on the market are usually made of stone, instead of the previous cement mortar. Now there are so many types of stone, what are the requirements for the stone to make the tombstone? ?

Most of the tombstones are placed outdoors, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, and feeling the smell of nature. Therefore, the stone used as this kind of tombstone must have excellent stability, mainly in the following aspects to meet the corresponding standards, no cracks and false lines, There is no scar and plaque, and the water absorption of the stone should be as low as possible, the physical and chemical properties should be stable, and the surface particles should be uniform. The stone that meets these requirements can be used as the material for tombstones.


Now in the tombstone processing market, the common stone tombstones are as follows: First, the Shanxi black tombstone. my country's Shanxi black stone well meets all the standards for the selection of tombstone stone, not only the texture is firm, but also the gloss is super high, the color is pure, There are false lines and the possibility of cracks is extremely low. The only disadvantage of this kind of stone is that there are gold dots on the surface of some stones, but Chinese people love gold, so this shortcoming is not a shortcoming. Of course, the black tombstone of Shanxi The price is also higher than that of other stones. Taking black stone as an example, in addition to Shanxi black, there are also Fuding black, Mongolian black, sesame black and other stones that can be used as substitutes for tombstones. The color purity is slightly inferior, so the price is also poor. There are many. The commonly used tombstone stones in China also include sesame white and Yongding red stones. For high quality, they will also be processed with 4 Sichuan Han Baiyu.