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Why can't the tombstone be engraved with 3 generations?

The inscriptions on the inscriptions pay attention to the feng shui status and origin, name, identity, time of birth and death, descendants, the person who built the monument, etc. The person who erected the monument. That is, children, relatives and friends are all written on the "tiger edge" of the monument, that is, on the right side. According to the seniority Children, arranged from left to right, etc., write all the children, deceased children can put a box around the name.

The specific tombstone should depend on the generation of people to see the opportunity situation. After all, the stone tablet is a traditional culture, and the size of the modern stone tablet is limited, so write as little as possible. Not so messy. Children and grandchildren must be written, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren are determined according to the size of the stone tablet.