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How Zhang Qiuhei can tell the truth from the fake

5. Lotus ash is mostly a kind of natural stone. It should be selected reasonably and used correctly in the purchase and decoration. Under natural light, visually check whether there are cracks, defects and missing edges from the height of 5. , the phenomenon of missing corners. It also depends on whether the luster is uniform. If the luster is not uniform, it will affect the decorative effect. The method of distinguishing the authenticity of Zhangqiu black can be processed reasonably, and the Tiangang stone can be processed into impossible styles or handicrafts. The role of decoration. 5 The pattern of the lotus ash roadside stone itself is the reason why people like it. It has natural color, smooth surface and clear texture. This is something that other synthetic stones cannot do. It is also important to pay attention when purchasing. The markings on its surface. Zhangqiu black is very popular among customers because of its crystal clear and moist surface, warm and graceful texture, beautiful picture texture, and it is not afraid of getting dirty and hot. The color of the copy is beautiful, but not natural, mainly glossy In terms of quality. The real product has elegant appearance, bright color, and clear and natural surface texture. Although the roadside stone with film coating has high gloss, the strength of the film is not good, it is easy to wear, and there are scratches to the light. There are some inferior stone materials to add The gloss of its surface. Customers can use this method to distinguish the authenticity of the stone when buying Zhangqiu Black, so as to prevent being deceived.