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What color is the best tombstone?

What color is the best tombstone?

Tomb erection is not a job that allows you to be careless. You must know that there are many feng shui and taboos around erecting monuments. If you are not careful, touching feng shui will easily lead to bad taboos. , we must pay attention. So you know, in Feng Shui, what are the 3 taboos of cemetery monuments? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, you can learn about one 2 through the following articles! The selection of tombstones that are taboos for cemetery monuments Tombstones made of marble materials can be said to be considered good tombstones. Because marble is durable and wind-resistant, it can prevent the embarrassment of weathering after time, so many people will choose tombstones made of marble materials. But do you know, the tombstones There are many considerations for selection, and there are also a lot of feng shui taboos among these considerations, which we all have to pay attention to!

In Feng Shui, it is believed that the selection of tombstones should first pay attention to color. Black marble tombstones are very good in Fengshui. In addition, the color of tombstones can only be deep black, or just black and gray. These two colors are suitable for the house. Feng Shui requirements; if you choose tombstones with bright colors, it will only lead to more promiscuous people in future generations, and women will be prostitutes from generation to generation. It can be seen that there are so many taboos in the selection of tombstones!


The color of the tombstone stone can be selected from popular colors. It does not need to be too special. It only needs to do a good job in the tombstone carving process. And how much is the price of the tombstone? It is mainly related to the carving process, and not too much to the stone. The color is serious, the tombstone picture style is luxurious, even if the price is more expensive, it will be chosen, such tombstones will gather auspiciousness and blessings for future generations.