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The purchase of Zhangqiu Black needs to avoid these misunderstandings

In modern decoration, the selection of stone has attracted more and more attention. However, the variety of stone is complex, many people do not understand it, it is easy to agree with it, and prejudice occurs. common mistakes in.

1. Imported stone is better than domestically produced: if the construction stone is labeled as "imported", it can sometimes increase its price significantly, and whether imported stone is better than domestic one must be compared based on the quality of the stone itself. In general, a large part of the price difference between imported stone and domestic stone appears in the high transportation costs and mining costs, so customers should avoid blind consumption of imported products.

2. Natural must be better than artificial: In fact, the quality of some natural stone is not necessarily better than that of artificial stone. No matter what kind of stone there is, there will be advantages and disadvantages. Although artificial stone is not as environmentally friendly as natural stone, it is resistant to penetration The performance of dirt is better than that of natural stone. Similarly, natural stone still has the risk of radioactive contamination, while artificial stone can avoid this trouble.

3. Dark stone radiation is strong: some customers in home decoration will think that the darker the natural stone color, the stronger the radiation, but this statement actually lacks a certain scientific basis. Generally speaking, granite, malachite green and the like There may be relatively strong radioactivity in the stone, but the color depth and the strength of the radioactivity have little relationship in essence, and the radioactivity of the stone mainly depends on its collection location. For example, the Mongolian black stone has a small radioactivity. Classified as a reassuring "Class A" product.

4. One kind of stone to decorate the whole family: some families will "confuse" when purchasing stone. In order to pursue the unity of the overall vision in the home, the same stone is used to decorate the whole room, but this attitude will reduce the applicability of the stone. Different stone materials have different performance effects, and suitable stone materials should be selected for different places in home decoration.