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The difference between Shanxi black tombstone and others

As a common material, the Shanxi black tombstone made of Shanxi black stone is widely used, and its luster is liked by people, so what is its uniqueness? Let's explore it today.

The understanding and evaluation of the luster of the stone is relative, the name of the stone product is more than one, it is also called China black, the luster obtained is different depending on the grinding and polishing equipment and materials. This is a kind of black Granite, this type of diabase gabbro in this ore magmatic rock is dark black, mainly plagioclase and pyroxene, crystalline fine-grained structure, massive structure, pure black and bright. The distribution area is common, and the ore veins are From Fengzhen City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, through Datong Mountain Area to Fuping County, Hebei Province, it is linearly distributed. It is a long bean-shaped rock mass as a whole. The mine rock mass is stable, with large recoverable blocks, large reserves, strong hardness, high gloss, and structural characteristics. On average, its quality has surpassed Indian black.

Shanxi black stone quality

Limited by some factors, some small equipment and tools are also used in the factory to grind and polish the product, which is commonly called small polishing. For example, the repair of sheet damage, the treatment of special shapes, the treatment of lines, etc. Maintenance and grinding Throwing refers to the reprocessing of product gloss during post-installation and application.

Due to the limitation of factors such as the environment, the treatment of product gloss in this link mainly depends on some small equipment and tools and is completely completed by hand, which are all small grinding and polishing. Due to the limitations of equipment and materials used in small grinding and polishing, grinding The gloss level obtained after polishing is also lower, so we will often see complaints about the loss of gloss and unevenness of the product after re-polishing.