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The difference between black granite and other stones

Difference 1 - The composition of the stone is different

Black granite is an igneous rock, generally formed by volcanic materials, such as magma, while marble is a metamorphic rock, which is formed by the natural metamorphism of one kind of stone into another under the mixing of minerals under high temperature and high pressure environment. Black granite is a hard stone, and its rock is hard and dense, while marble is a medium-hard stone, usually with obvious patterns and a lot of mineral particles.

Difference 2 - different hardness

Compared with marble, the hardness of black granite is higher, so it is more difficult to process, but it is resistant to weathering corrosion and is not easy to be deteriorated. Usually, the appearance and color can be maintained for more than a hundred years, and because half of the marble contains impurities, and marble contains Calcium carbonate is susceptible to the action of carbides, carbon dioxide and water vapor in the atmosphere to make its surface tarnish.

Difference 3 - The scope of use is different

An obvious difference between marble and granite is that their scope of use is different. Usually, marble is used indoors, while granite is mostly used outdoors. For example, black granite is paved on outdoor roads. It is determined by its radioactivity, because the radioactivity of black granite is more harmful to the human body than that of marble, so it can only be used outdoors, and the texture of marble is relatively more beautiful, so it is used more indoors.

Difference 4 - Stone Properties

In general, marble and black granite can be distinguished with the naked eye, with rich marble patterns and many color changes, while black granite has a single pattern, generally gray and white, and there is no obvious pattern formation.

Difference 5 - Different prices

Although granite and marble are both stone, the price difference between the two is still very large. Marble is more favored by consumers because of its smooth and delicate texture, rich texture and more artistic characteristics. Generally, its price varies according to the place of origin. The price of black granite varies from one hundred to several thousand yuan, while the black granite has a single pattern, is not very decorative, and can only be used outdoors because it is hard and not easily damaged and radioactive, so its price is relatively low. between.