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Sophisticated lettering techniques on traditional tombstones

The lettering techniques of traditional tombstones are exquisite. There are 3 common techniques, which are listed below:

Engraving by hand, the ancients used carving knives, and modern people used electric carving machines, all of which are hand-carved. The advantages of engraving characters in this way are very obvious: each font has its own unique characteristics, and there is no mechanical stagnation, but there are also disadvantages. : There will be a situation where the text is not aligned and the size is good and bad. The sandblasting machine is used for lettering, and most modern tombstones use this method. After the emery impacts the surface of the tablet, the text is formed. , The process is simple and the processing is convenient, but the accuracy of the depth is not high, and it is prone to the situation that the text is not cut off. For example, the word "Jade" is likely to be processed into the word "King", which needs to be manually repaired in the later stage. It can also be used to process inscriptions, and can set accurate text depth and internal structure outline of the text.

The size of the lettering is exquisite. There are no strict rules on the size and size of the lettering, but it needs to be measured with a dinglan ruler. The dinglan ruler is a necessary measuring tool for building a house, with a length of 38.78 cm, and the scale is divided into ten scales. Divided into "wealth, loss, prosperity, death, official, righteousness, bitterness, prosperity, harm, and Ding". Among them, "wealth, prosperity, official, righteousness, prosperity, and Ding" are auspicious, and "lost, death, suffering, and harm" For bad luck, when using the Dinglan ruler, you don't need to measure the height and width of each character, you only need to measure the length from the beginning of the character to the end of the character. If the length corresponds to the scale, you can. If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder , can measure the height and width of each word, and make its size correspond to the scale of Dinglan ruler.