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What is the difference between red and black letters on cemetery tombstones?

What is the difference between red and black letters on cemetery tombstones?

In rural areas, such continuous monuments have sprung up. Families can erect monuments for their ancestors. Most people are prosperous and families are in harmony. It is a big event to erect monuments in rural areas. aspect.


About the font color of the cemetery tombstone: the red name of the person means that the person is still alive, and it is often used to illuminate the person who illuminates the stone tablet. The surname of the first name is also red, and the surname is constant. The inscription of the martyr's temple is also in red font, which symbolizes that the hero will always live in the hearts of the people and not corrupt.

The farmer explained that the friends who grew up together in the village are very smart. They cannot study. They graduated from junior high school and did not go to high school. Therefore, after entering the society for many years, they inherited the hand-made carving of the door. Dirty, fatigued, and dusty , high income is the theme color of this row.

Of course, there are also places where the words on the tombstones are painted in gold, mainly because of differences in customs in different places.

The form of the text is usually arranged from top to bottom, from right to left, Zhang Ya, men and women. The fonts often use italics and official script, but to be honest, the inscriptions on the tombstones may not be able to be read at a glance. similar feeling.

The price of tombstones reflects the face of the family, and it is not common to compare them with rural areas. Considering the economic conditions of the family, many elderly people in the village do not erect tombstones immediately after death. In the past few years, bamboo shoots have sprung up in rural areas, which reflects the improvement of rural economic conditions.

In addition to choosing the date, specification and style, the stone monument also pays great attention to how to write the inscription. The life story of the old man, who erected the monument and other information cannot be ignored at all. The words on the stone monument, how to arrange it, the color of the font, etc. are also very concerned. As the questioner asked, the inscription fonts are all red and black, so I'm curious.

Prospects for the Cemetery Tombstone Industry

Then, let’s talk about the tombstone engraving industry, just like the older generation of artists, lettering, printer printing, until today, laser engraving machines, stone etchants, digital engraving machines, sand engraving machines and other technologies have also been applied. , greatly reducing the labor intensity of human beings.

I personally think that the development prospect of the tombstone carving industry is very good. With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more stone tablets. Now the particularity of the tombstone carving industry has discouraged many young people. This is equivalent to providing a booster to new practitioners in this industry .Different places have different customs. In some places, the words on the tombstone have no color, what color is the stone tablet, and what color font is engraved.

Of course, the stone tablet itself is dark in color, just like a dark stone tablet, it is normal for the information of the deceased on the tombstone to be engraved in white font.