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The meaning of tombstones

Tomb culture in my country has a history of more than 2,000 years, and tomb culture is also accompanied by worship. Worshiping ancestors can express one's inner longing to ancestors, and at the same time express the gratitude of future generations.

At the same time, the significance of the existence of tombs is also to allow us to clearly remember our origin, to keep nostalgia for our ancestors, and to allow future generations to cultivate respect for our ancestors.

The deceased has passed away, and the living should be like this. The meaning of the tombstone is to remember and remember the deceased. At the same time, the tombstone is also a carrier of comfort and sustenance for the living.

There are some particulars and rules about tomb culture many years later, and the starting point of each of these rules and regulations is to let the deceased rest in peace and make the living strong. And most tombstones also need inscriptions, these The inscription not only records the relevant information of the deceased, but also the respect and feelings of the living to the deceased.

In the process of historical development, the tomb culture is also constantly changing. Today, the customs and habits of different places are also different. The different stress and rules, I am afraid that only the old people in the village understand, like the words introduced in this article. , there may be some places with very different customs, so you should know more to avoid making a joke.

Although there are inevitably differences in customs and habits in different places, these are all expressing respect and nostalgia for the deceased. Therefore, we must study these tomb cultures as comprehensively as possible, and pass them on well, after all This is also a kind of culture left by the ancients!