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Causes and prevention of freezing and thawing of black stone in Shanxi

The cutting process of black tombstones in Shanxi is more complicated. How to prevent freezing during stone cutting in the cold winter in the north? Let's take a look at the reasons for the freezing and thawing of black stone in Shanxi.

The phenomenon of freezing and thawing mainly occurs near the north and other places where the weather is relatively cold. When the capillary pores of the stone absorb enough water, once the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, the water in the stone begins to freeze and the volume shrinks. When the ice cubes When the shrinkage force of the stone is greater than the structural force of the stone, the stone will be broken. This is the phenomenon of freezing and thawing.

Generally speaking, matter abides by the law of 39; thermal expansion and cold contraction 39;, but water is just the opposite. The density of water is large at 4 degrees Celsius, and the water molecules are active and independent. Water from 4 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius, the temperature changes When reduced, the water molecules in the ice are arranged in a very loose way in a 3-dimensional pattern, and this structure actually leaves a lot of 39; empty 39;, and the density decreases. Experiments show that when 1M3 of water freezes into ice , its volume will increase to 1.11M3. Therefore, when the water enters the pores or gaps of the stone, it freezes and freezes, and the volume increases, thereby expanding the pores or gaps of the stone. Then, the stone absorbs more water, and the pores or gaps are further Swelling, such a vicious circle, eventually led to the fragmentation of the stone.

Freeze-thaw prevention

Since the main element of freezing and thawing is water, we only need to prevent water from entering the stone to avoid the occurrence of freezing and thawing. Therefore, we only need to use stone curing agent to protect the stone.