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How to check whether there are gaps in Zhangqiu black board

How to check whether there are gaps in Zhangqiu black board,

Zhangqiu black plate is a marble recognized by many customers, but because Zhangqiu black plate is a natural construction project building decoration material, there are inevitably some gaps, we must pay more attention when purchasing. We choose Zhangqiu black plate In the case of Qiu black plate, it is necessary to carry out a careful inspection of Zhangqiu black plate, and the actual ability of Zhangqiu black plate manufacturer to sort out the content of the article is easy for everyone to grasp.

The inspection of the cracks is done by listening. Pick up a corner of Zhangqiu's black plate, and slowly tap the bluestone brick with a small iron rod or a small piece of stone. The overall structure of the black plate is of high quality and has no cracks; if there is a popping sound, it means that the Zhangqiu black plate has cracks.

We can use a watering can to spray water on the Zhangqiu black plate to check for cracks, if there are ice seepage patterns, there are cracks, or use a wet cotton towel to wipe the surface of the Zhangqiu black plate, and observe the wave shape of the stone surface to establish cracks . Marble with gaps is very easy to get wet and cause marble disease. It is impossible to test all Zhangqiu black plates one by one, but quality inspection or house decoration work can be controlled. Therefore, we must do a good job of Zhangqiu black plates. In the maintenance work, good maintenance of Zhangqiu black stone will not hurt.