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What are the black granite stones commonly used by tombstone manufacturers?

Chinese black

China black is a well-known and high-yield granite in Hebei. It began to be mined and exported in 1990. It was named China black at that time, and the English name was china black. Later, with the mining and export of other black stone species in China, especially the Chinese black stone mine In the belt, the mining of these similar stone species in Shanxi and Fengzhen, in order to distinguish them, is named Hebei Hei and Fuping Hei after their origin.

China black has the advantages of compact structure, high compressive strength, good water resistance and wear resistance. Its texture is natural and heavy, and it can well show the solemn and majestic artistic effect of tombstones. Moreover, the stone radiation is small, and it belongs to the class A stone. , It can be processed into a variety of finished products, such as fire noodles, lychee noodles, matt, high gloss, longan noodles and personalized surface texture technology.

At the same time, Chinese black is also the first-class stone for making tombstones. The finish can be as high as 110 degrees. The color is black as ink and bright.

Shanxi black

Shanxi black, also known as emperor black, Taibaiqing, diabase (diabase gabbro), etc., is a kind of black granite stone. This variety of stone is dark black, mainly plagioclase and pyroxene, crystalline fine-grained Structure, massive structure, pure black and shiny. Shanxi black is mainly produced in Heihunyuan County, Shanxi, China, and is distributed in the "Hunyuan Coalfield" in the northern and southern mountainous areas. It is one of the 7 largest coalfields in Shanxi. It has high hardness and large reserves. It can produce 35,000 cubic meters of blocks every year. It has strong hardness, high gloss and uniform structure. Its quality has surpassed that of Indian black.

Black Sands

Some of the black granites produced in India are famous, such as black sand. The black sand is produced in the Angola region of India. Its background color is very high-purity black, evenly dotted with some bright crystals. The mineral reserves of black sand are not large, Therefore, its output is far from meeting the demand. Those golden highlights of its own are due to its richness in ferrous compounds. Black sand is generally divided into 3 types according to the size of its golden dots: large flowers, medium flowers and fine flowers. Black Jinsha is also very popular among tombstone manufacturers, and belongs to the medium stone used in the production of tombstones.