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Do you know the processing of Shanxi black tombstones?

Shanxi black tombstones are famous far and near. Because of Shanxi's unique location, the stone produced is relatively good, and many stone materials have been made tombstones, so it is not unusual for everyone to know Shanxi black tombstones. But do you know the processing of black tombstones?

Shanxi black tombstone manufacturer

In order to make Shanxi black tombstones can be cut and processed smoothly, first of all, it is necessary to prepare mills, block cutting machines, drilling machines, and other small auxiliary machinery, and then the following requirements are required to cut Shanxi black tombstones:

Use diamond circular saws and hand-pulled cutters to cut blocks and make them have a basic profile. When special profiles are required, diamond beaded wire saws can be used.

Use manual small machinery (such as double suction cup drilling machine, multi-functional stone cutting and grinding machine, multi-functional stone special-shaped chamfering machine and other stone machinery) to process arcs with different curvature radii, grooves on the surface of tombstones, and various end faces of tombstone stones. various shapes, etc., so that the outline is basically formed.

Use a hand grinder to grind the large plane, and use a small manual machine to grind other small end faces and curved surfaces.

Polish the large plane with a hand grinder, and polish other small end faces and curved surfaces with a small manual machine.

Engraving on the surface of the tombstone.

If we want to know more about Shanxi black tombstones, we can contact our manufacturer directly, and we can give us the most detailed product introduction. Welcome to consult.