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What are the popular tombstone styles in 2021

In 2021, the tombstones that are in high demand are still small tombstones. These types of tombstones cater to the current trend of policies, and cemetery cemeteries are almost small tombstones. Small tombstones are also divided into three categories: small traditional tombstones, small art tombstones, and ecological tombstones.

Small traditional tombstones are mainly made of dark stone, which is more solemn. A single set of traditional tombstones may use multiple techniques such as round carving, line carving, relief carving, shadow carving, etc. The main reason is that traditional tombstones incorporate many traditional cultural elements, making the carving patterns appear. It has a picturesque artistic effect, adding the artistic appreciation effect and cultural commemorative significance of the tombstone. The traditional tombstone style, in its pillars, railings, drums and other parts, partly adopts the carving technique of line carving, depicting bamboo, plum blossoms, etc. Patterns such as auspicious knots are like pictures printed on the surface of the tombstone, making the tombstone look more beautiful and gorgeous.

Small artistic tombstones pursue compactness and exquisiteness, and combine carving technology and art perfectly, which can often become a beautiful landscape in the cemetery. The style of artistic tombstones is different from the complex stereotypes of traditional tombstones in the past. It pays more attention to artistic texture in modeling and carving. Commemorative burial places for the deceased are also part of the landscape of the Humanities Park. Nowadays, small artistic tombstones are welcomed by major cemeteries and cemeteries, and the public's acceptance of them is also very high. The people-oriented tombstone art style has become the main direction of future funerals .

After the ecological development of cemetery and cemetery landscapes, small ecological tombstones have become the main type of tombstones in cemeteries. Many small and delicate small ecological tombstones are distributed in the shade of trees, on lawns, and beside flower beds, becoming part of the ecological cemetery landscape. Many people choose to let The deceased returns to the embrace of nature through the ecological burial of the festival land, and expresses the memory and memory of the deceased with the artistic tombstone of the festival land. Some of these small tombstones are simple and elegant in shape, while others are exquisitely carved, surrounded by flowers and plants. Against the backdrop of trees, it has a unique artistic appreciation value.