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What are the benefits of repairing tombstones?

Why erect a tombstone?

Although there were no tombstones in the early days, the ancients were very concerned about how to identify the tombs of ancestors. At first, fibrous paper or silk was tied to the wooden stakes in front of the tombs, and the names of the deceased, the dates of birth and death, and life stories were written, which is called "" Ming Jing".

However, due to the erosion of wind, sun and years, the wooden piles are very easy to rot, so the stone columns replaced the wooden round piles. Later, based on the needs of the inscription engraving, the rectangular tombstone composed of the cap, the body and the base, It has been promoted and continued to this day.

Of course, the tombstones of the powerful are often grand and grand, while the tombstones of the small households are relatively simple. It can be seen that erecting a tombstone for the ancestors is a reflection of the strength of the family, and it is also a major event to console the dead, to show future generations, and to honor the ancestors.

Back then, Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang was impoverished, and he didn't even have a burial place after his parents died. Fortunately, the squire Liu Jizu moved a piece of wasteland with compassion and gave away a piece of wasteland, which was then buried in the soil for peace. Imperial Mausoleum.

What are the benefits of repairing tombstones?

First of all, there are strict regulations on the time for repairing tombstones. It is selected during the Qingming Festival, which is the 3rd anniversary of the deceased. There is a folk saying that before and after Qingming, there are no taboos in handling the affairs of the yin house.

Graves within 3 years belong to new graves, especially filial sons and filial daughters. Once the monument is erected, it will be a farewell to the past. Only after 3 years can they accept the grief separated by Yin and Yang.

Secondly, pay attention to the direction of the tombstone. It should be located in front of the tomb, consistent with the coffin in the ground, and it will appear pious and solemn when offering sacrifices to ancestors. The distance between the tombstone and the tomb is generally between 9 inches and 6 feet from the acupoint. .

3. The size of the tombstone should be adapted to the tomb. If the acupoints in the tomb are small and the tombstone is large, it will be considered top-heavy; if the tomb is large and the tombstone is too small, it will not be imposing enough and lack solemnity. The two should complement each other. it is good.

Fourth, the inscription on the inscription is mainly composed of the following three parts. It includes the date of birth and death, the name of the deceased and the identity of the person who erected the inscription. For those who have outstanding merits and virtues during their lifetime, they should also engrave epitaphs that sing praises for their virtues, hoping that they will be admired and admired in future generations. .

Fifth, the name of the deceased on the monument must be black, and the surname has a red font, which means the prosperity of the clan. If one of the husband and wife died, the monument should be painted in red, and the surname should be painted after death. Just black.

In this regard, there is no uniform standard requirement. In some places, there are many inscriptions in white, gold or red fonts. It is worth noting that the same inscriptions must be inscribed, that is, concave, not convex.

Sixth, when the monument is erected, it is necessary to hang red, that is, a red cloth is used to cover it. Because red is a pure yang thing, it has the meaning of dispelling evil and bringing good luck. Red cloth, keep it well, and don't throw it away at will.