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Introduction and processing method of Zhangqiu black

Zhangqiu black refers to the boundary stone made of marble raw materials and used on the edge of the road. Zhangqiu black is the boundary between motor vehicle lanes, sidewalks, landscaping, guardrails and other parts of the road on the road surface. Traffic safety and the role of road edge uniformity.

Zhangqiu black board has different processing specific methods. The use of Zhangqiu black in buildings is becoming more and more common, and it has become one of the key building decoration materials in recent years. In addition to paving for pavement, Zhangqiu black Plates are also used in building exterior walls, room walls, door panels, washbasins, indoor stairs and other areas.

1. Zhangqiu black plate is made of chopped axe plate. The surface of Zhangqiu black is processed by hand-made chopped axe. The surface is not smooth and has a standard strip axe pattern. .

2. Zhangqiu black is made of machine-planed board. The surface of Zhangqiu black is scraped by mechanical equipment, the surface is leveled, and there are planing lines parallel to each other. It is used for similar purposes as chopped axe board, but the surface layering is more detailed.

3. Zhangqiu black sheet is made of finely ground sheet. The surface of Zhangqiu black is finely ground, and the smoothness is dull. It is mainly used for walls, surfaces, steps, bases, etc. of the actual effect of soft light.

4. Zhangqiu black is made of polished plate. The surface of Zhangqiu black is ground and polished, the surface is flat and bright, the granite molecular structure is clear, and the color tone is colorful. It is used for walls with high gloss and smooth surface. Pavements and Surfaces.

The use of Zhangqiu black sheet depends on the grain size: fine crystals can be polished or engraved as decorative design sheets or handicrafts; moderate grain size distribution is often used to build bridge piles, bridge arches, river embankments, ports, leggings, etc. Basic, ground, etc.; strong crystals are rolled into sand and gravel, which is an asphalt mixture for cement. Because marble is acid-resistant, it is also used as acid-resistant linings and utensils in chemical plants and metallurgical industries.