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What are the applications of Shanxi black tombstones?

Shanxi Hei, also known as Emperor Hei, Taibaiqing, diabase (diabase gabbro), etc., is a kind of black granite. The diabase gabbro in this ore-generating magmatic rock is dark black, with plagioclase and Mainly pyroxene, crystalline fine-grained structure, massive structure, pure black and shiny.

The ore vein is distributed linearly from Fengzhen City, Autonomous Region to Fuping County, Hebei Province via Datong Mountain Area, with a total length of nearly 1000M. It is a long bean-shaped rock mass as a whole. The mine rock mass is stable, with large recoverable lumps, large reserves and strong hardness. , high gloss, uniform structure, its quality has exceeded India black.

Main export areas: exported to the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

Mountain tombstones and stone are so popular because of their own characteristics, stable chemical properties, not easy to weather, resistant to acid, alkali and corrosive gas erosion, their chemical properties are proportional to the content of silicon oxide, and their service life can reach about 200 years. All the solemnity and solemnity of the upper black, in the natural environment, will remain unchanged for hundreds of years, making the commemorative meaning a symbol of eternity!

Shanxi black plate manufacturers provide customers with excellent stone products. The stone products of the manufacturers are of good quality, complete in style and specifications, granite texture is hard, delicate, and high in brightness. Radioactivity, acid and alkali resistance, etc. can all meet the standards of exporting to Europe and the United States. It is a good choice for building materials. .Excellent and good stone, looking forward to your visit!

In ancient times, "tombs do not have graves", they were only buried underground, and there were no trees on the surface. Later, there were gradually mounded tombs on the ground and tombstones. The tombstones were generally engraved with the deceased's name, achievements, date of death and the person who erected the monument. Name and relationship with the deceased. After a person dies, if a tomb is to be erected, most of them must have a tombstone inscription. The inscription on the tombstone should be filled with respect and affection for the deceased. There is an inscription description: "Yuan Shangshu can erect a tombstone, and in (Sui) State) 4 miles south of the city, and east of Liudian Village. The monument is 8 feet high, the upper Jiaochi, the lower one, and the height is more than zhang. It is still called the system.

To sum up, regarding the application field of Shanxi black tombstone, the application is sauce purple, thank you for watching.