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What are the implications of erecting tombstones?

The origin of tombstones is very early. In the unstable era before, due to the influence of wars, many people often did not know where the ancestral tombs were, so people used wooden stakes and bamboo poles in front of the tombs and tied fibrous things in order to make a mark. (Paper or silk) The date and time of birth and death of the deceased are written, which is called "Ming Jing". Because these cannot withstand the scouring of rain, they later evolved into stone tombstones.

Generally, tombstones are rectangular, 100 cm high, 60 cm wide, and about 8 cm thick. I believe everyone is familiar with Luban, a skilled craftsman. On the Luban ruler, the auspicious numbers show that 100 cm means windfall, Shunke. 60cm means treasure, windfall. Therefore, in order to seek auspiciousness, people pay more attention to this size of tombstones.

In terms of color selection, black or gray is better, because black is a deep, serious and dignified color. But there are exceptions. Some people who believe in Feng Shui say that the five elements in the south belong to fire, and fire is red. Choose black color, on the 5th line. Water and fire are opposed to each other, which is not conducive to feng shui. Therefore, it is not suitable to erect a black color stone monument in the south. In short, the color of the stone monument should be dark, and it is better not to make some taboos.

The tombstone is engraved with the name of the deceased, the name of the person who erected the monument and the time of erecting the monument. Can remember, in order to learn and to carry forward.

But it does not mean that the deceased cannot erect a monument without certain merit and influence. For example, if the descendants of the deceased have female or male, the monument can also be erected. After all, after a daughter marries, she will not be able to visit the grave as often as her descendants. See, as a daughter and son-in-law, you will go to the grave only on important festivals of sacrifice. In order to facilitate confirmation, such people are often marked with tombstones.