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Why are Russian tombstones mostly made of Chinese black stone?

Tombstones generally use more Chinese black stone, in foreign countries, especially in Russia. Russian tombstones are mostly custom made of Chinese black stone. When Chinese black stone is used, the radiation is relatively small, and it does not cause great harm to our body. A relatively safe stone.

Why are Russian tombstones mostly made of Chinese black stone? Advantages of Chinese black granite:

1. Dense structure and high compressive strength;

2. Has good water resistance and wear resistance;

3. Natural texture, heavy texture, solemn and majestic artistic effect.

4. This product is mainly used for interior decoration, such as walls, floors and kitchen and bathroom supplies; outdoor decoration, such as: parks, squares and other public places;

5. The radiation is small, belonging to the class A stone material

6. This kind of rough stone can be processed into a variety of finished products, such as: fire, litchi surface, matt, high gloss, longan surface, hook, and personalized surface texture technology.

At the same time, Chinese black is also the first-class stone for making tombstones. The finish can be as high as 110 degrees. The color is black as ink and bright. Russian market.

Classification of Chinese black stone:

The use of Chinese black stone is very extensive, and it is mainly used in various decorations. In the mining of Chinese black stone, try to choose the same level of rock from the same source, so that the color and pattern of Chinese black stone will not be greatly changed. For some special application places, the selection of Chinese black stone should be targeted, such as the ground and steps that are not conducive to outdoor.

China Black Stone No. 1 cannot be mined in large quantities, only a small amount of accompanying material, fine black, but the material is small in shape and has a transition of color difference. The most widely used are No. 2 and No. 3.

The natural blackness, hardness and density of China Black Stone No. 2 are better than those of No. 3. It is mined early, and the mining surface must reach a very deep depth. The mining is difficult, the mining cost is high, and the price is much higher than that of No. 3, especially the specifications. When it is larger, it is mainly used for export.