Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory

Company Name: Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory
Contact: Mr. Wang
Tel: 13754914913

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Company address: Industrial Park, Hunyuan County, Datong City, Shanxi Province

Cemetery traditional tombstone
Cemetery traditional tombstone
Cemetery traditional tombstone

All products of our factory are made of natural high-quality stone blocks, so the raw materials of the products cannot be guaranteed to be flawless (including high-grade imported materials), but we promise not to be fake. If you have special requirements, the price will be negotiated (the price will be different). Our factory display There are differences between the product picture and the actual product, you must confirm the stone material with us when ordering.

Our products are processed and produced by ourselves, and they are all hand-carved. You can completely customize the size, material and shape you want! I need to remind you that because the stone is all natural, there will be natural impurities and stone lines. It's very normal! The pattern of the stone can't be exactly the same! Even the products of the same style made by the same master will have differences. But we guarantee that the craftsmanship is perfect, and each has its own merits!

Shanxiblack tombstoneThe density is high (2.9-3.2), and the weight of one cubic meter of net stone is about 3 tons. If it is hit with a hard object, it will make a sound similar to metal. Strong properties (light, water immersion, thermal expansion and contraction, acid and alkali in the natural environment, weathering, etc.) are strong. Therefore, there is a saying that it will last for thousands of years. In fact, its natural life span is more than that. Mirror polishing, the luminosity can reach more than 100 degrees So it is also known as the black mirror.

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