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Cemetery tombstone
Cemetery tombstone
Cemetery tombstone

After a person dies, if a tomb is to be erected, most of them must have a tombstone inscription.Cemetery tombstoneThe name of the deceased, the place of origin, achievements, the date of death and the name of the person who erected the monument and the relationship with the deceased should be engraved on the inscription. The inscription should be filled with respect and affection for the deceased.

With the changes of the times, tombstones have been gradually transformed from practical objects into cultural works of art, and their functions, shapes, textures and ornaments have become more and more diversified. Celebrity tombstones pay more attention to the body of the tombstone and use high-quality stones such as granite and marble. There is a statue of the deceased or a burnt porcelain image of the deceased inlaid in the center of the stele. The tomb phosphorus has become an "honor" and decoration that records the family lineage and merits of the deceased. Social fashion. To be protected from wind, rain, sun, etc.

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