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Cemetery tombstone manufacturers
Cemetery tombstone manufacturers
Cemetery tombstone manufacturers

Product introduction of black tombstone:

Tombstones and tombs are the dwelling places for the undead. Like the Yangzhai, if it is damaged, flooded, damp, hot, dented, or invaded by foreign objects, the undead will live uneasy, which will have a negative impact on the descendants of the Yang generation. It is very important that the tombstones and tombs are complete and quiet, which is why Chinese people go to the ancestors’ tombs to worship and sweep the tombs every Qingming Festival. In recent years, granite accounts for 83% of the stone used in monument construction Marble accounts for 17%. Due to the above characteristics, the market of Shanxi black is getting wider and wider. It is not only sold well in China, but also favored by international architects!!

China black stone is widely used for decoration. It is used for background wall and floor laying. It is used for tombstones at home and abroad. It is made of black tombstones to make it look noble and atmospheric.traditional tombstone, Chinese tombstones, European tombstones, Russian tombstones, American tombstones, Polish tombstones, Middle Eastern tombstones and other medium and high-end tombstones and various black tombstones. Supply Shanxi black, China black, Hebei black and other black granite, most of the products for export.