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Cemetery tombstone manufacturers: What are the disadvantages of using paraffin to maintain stone

todayCemetery tombstoneThe manufacturer will tell you what are the disadvantages of using paraffin to maintain stone?

Many people choose paraffin wax when curing stone, because paraffin wax is cheap, and it can also play an effective waterproof and oil release effect in a short period of time, but many professional maintenance masters say that there are many drawbacks in using paraffin for stone maintenance. details as follows:

1. After the stone is waxed, there is a sticky layer on the surface. The sticky layer is flammable, explosive and easy to stick to dust and dirt.

2. The capillary pores of the stone are easy to be blocked, and the water inside the stone cannot seep out, which is easy to cause water spots or water stains.

3. The wax-coated mouth is not easy to remove, and it is difficult to use a new type of protective agent in the future.

4. After using wax protection, it needs to be waxed repeatedly, especially in public places.

5, the weather resistance is poor, and it is not wear-resistant.

It can be seen that although paraffin maintenance can save money and fast, it also has its own disadvantages. It is recommended to choose professional penetrating protective materials.

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